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Ethical Policy

This is my ethical Policy regarding postings and links posted on this blog. It’s a tad outdated in parts as I no longer coupon much but the rest still stands 🙂 .

  1. I will only endorse the legal and legitimate use of coupons and special offers, I do not endorse making duplicates of single-use only coupons or vouchers by any means, nor will I post links to PDF vouchers/coupons that are not hosted on the original company site, nor to PDF coupons that are scans of printed coupons and not approved of by the original company. Coupon fraud hurts legitimate users of coupons; and for Muslims it is stealing and consequently, haram. I am not responsible for any coupon or offer misuse by readers of this site. Nor am I not responsible for readers trying to use expired coupons that I have linked to in the past when they were vali, as a reader it is your responsibility to double check validity of coupons and offers, and also the coupon policy of the store you wish to use them on, before trying them.
  2. In general, all products, services and webpage reviews are my own genuine, unbiased opinion and I have not been paid or given the product in question for free in order to review.  On any rare occasion that I have been given a product or service to review, whether there is a financial incentive on offer or not, I will clearly state this on that particular post.
  3. Posting a link to a site, forum or any other source of information (i.e. books, magazines) does not necessarily mean I agree with everything written on or in that site or publication, nor do I endorse all the companies who are involved with that site or publication, by means of advertising, sponsorship or anything else. Some sites will have some sections that have information or pictures that are not permissible for Muslims to view, me posting a link to a part of such a site does not mean I believe those parts of the site to contain things that are Islamically permissible. If there is anything on a site or in a publication that is unavoidable when visiting it or reading it, I will let you know in the particular post so you can decide if you wish to view that site or not.
  4. I do boycott certain companies for ethical reasons, the main two I boycott are Nestle group and Hipp Organic. I also prefer not to buy products from the Danone group, though they are not as unethical as the other two in my humble opinion so my boycott of the Danone companies is not as strict. The main reasons for my boycott of these companies is unethical and sometimes unlawful promotion of infant formula milks and weaning foods and drinks, and also in some cases support, be that financial or otherwise, for oppressive regimes. If anyone wants more information on these practices by these companies please do feel free to contact me. Therefore I do not link to any site directly run by these companies (including Danone group), nor to coupons for their products, nor do I mention any other promotion involving their products. However it may be the case that on some sites I link to, promotions for the products of these companies are on these sites along with those from thousands of other companies. This does not constitute endorsing these products, nor the companies in question.
  5. Finally I do not endorse anything that I would not do or buy myself. If its not good for me, then it isn’t good for anyone else. Naturally I will not be posting any links to anything haram for Muslims to consume; such as coupons for beer.

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