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Tesco Goodness for kids range.

I recently joined the WOM* website bzzagent. I came across it while browsing profiles on facebook and one of my couponing aquaintances had links to bzzagent on her page, so I checked it out. It looked like exactly my cup of tea; fill out surveys, get to test products, review them and tell family and friends about them. Anyone who knows me will know that is right up my street. I am part of some other WOM sites but have never got a trial from them despite filling out everything really carefully and signing up for trials/campaigns the minute I got the email. Three or four days after joining bzzagent I got accepted for a campaign for Tesco Goodness for Kids, which is really exciting as I have four kids and getting them to eat healthy can be such a challenge! I have already tried a number of the goodness products such as the fromage frais and the small fruits and fruit bags but am really looking forward to us trying more, as it seems the range has expanded quite dramatically in the past few months.

The goodness for kids range is aimed at 5-10 year olds; its not meant to provide everything in the diet but to provide healthy choices and snacks. All of the products are low in salt, sugar, in child sized portions and some have added vitamins as well. It consists of fresh whole fruit, drinks, yoghurts and fromage frais, snacks (such as tortilla chips, bite sized cheese sticks and fruit bags), ice lollies and ready meals. Tesco have also started doing fish from the range on their fresh fish counter; these portions of fish are child sized and free from bones. In addition aside from a small handful of product,s the majority of them are suitable for vegetarians, which is fantastic for vegetarians and those who have halal diets, so many healthy ranges for kids consist of mainly meat products and thus there is hardly any choice for anyone who does not eat meat for whatever reason.

I was given money off coupons to buy some of the products; by bzzagent. I also purchased some products myself as my nearest Tesco extra strangely had quite a poor stock selection in this range so I had to choose alternatives.

I’m just going to summarise here, the items from the range that I thought were good and those that were not so good. (Hopefully I will post pics of some of the products in a few days).

The Good

  • The slurpers, kind of a cross between a smoothie and a baby fruit puree, in a pouch, were absolutely gorgeous. A bit expensive at £1.25 for 4 so not sure I’d buy them full price but overall a really nice product and a way to get fruit into fussy kids. The tropical flavour was the nicest. They are usually near the tinned fruit in most Tescos.
  • The yoghurts, they do several types and both types we have tried were lovely. Not too sweet (and even as an adult I cannot stand overly sweet yoghurts), and reasonably good value for money too.
  • The Cheesy Tortillas, these were really lovely and not bland as I was expecting. However one drawback is they absolutely, positively stink. Not one to take on a car journey!
  • The Fruit bags. Much cheaper than fruit bags from fast food joints and the fruit in them tastes a lot fresher. They aren’t something I’d buy all the time but as an occasional healthy treat they are a good choice.

The Bad

  • The goodness fish. This had to be bought from the fish counter and cost an absolute fortune, £7.50 for two not very generous pieces of haddock is just ridiculous. You can get frozen alaskan pollock for as little as £2.50 for a bag of 5 pieces of similar size to these and I have never found any bones in them. Will definitely not be buying again.
  • The Mini Mild Cheddar Sticks. A rip off at £1.50 for 6. These are so tiny and the quality and flavour of the cheese is not great. It would be easier to just buy some regular cheddar, cut into the same sized pieces and then wrap in a safe clingfilm. Would probably cost 50-60p for this quantity.
  • The 6-pack of 330ml water. Currently non-existent in ALL Tesco stores around here, there isn’t even a label on the shelf to suggest they are out of stock, so none of my friends could use their money off coupons I gave them.


Disclosure: I was been given money off coupons to buy some products from the range at a substantial discount and I am a bzzagent. However I did buy products I didn’t have a discount on because the kids have expressed an interest and they looked nice and I do my utmost to give my impartial opinion on any products I buy.

*WOM=word of mouth marketing, yes I know it should really be WOMM but I didn’t invent the acronym.


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